Samsung smartphones will get invisible cameras

The desire for bezel-less smartphones is forcing manufacturers to come up with different installation methods

We started with a fairly large cutout on the screen, now we have reached a small teardrop-shaped cutout, as well as a round hole in the display for the camera.Others are trying to promote smartphones with retractable cameras of different designs, less often they placeon the back panel there is a second screen of different sizes.selfie camera or does not simplify the design.

Camera under the screen

Samsung decided to take a different path.the path that passed the fingerprint scanner. Of course, the ability to install a front camera under the surface of the display is not new, it is not discussed for the first year, but the level of technology is not yet so high. But the Korean manufacturer seems to have arguments for a breakthrough in this direction. The company itself produces both displays for smartphones and sensors for mobile cameras, so Samsung’s statement that smartphones with sensors under the display will appear in the near future is not without foundation. This approach will save manufacturers from having to reduce the screen area by inserting cutouts and openings under the front camera.

Today, the Korean company in workInfinity-O screens, which are installed on the Galaxy S10. These displays got a small hole for the camera, one of the models got two holes for two modules. Even for such a hole in the OLED panel there were many limitations and technical difficulties. But the company coped with them, and, judging by the sales activity of the flagship, the approach justified itself.

Technology placement of camera sensors under the screenunder development. According to the manufacturer, there are still some technical difficulties that put the implementation into question, but all technical issues are solved sooner or later. The forecasts of Samsung itself are a couple of years old, and the campaign will have smartphones with invisible cameras installed under the screen.

Fullscreen scanner

The company is developing full-screenfingerprint scanner. It is based on ultrasound technology, and the scanner will trigger at any point on the display. This will improve the usability of the smartphone, you can unlock the device much faster (but why even faster than the scanners now do - in a split second?). In addition, work is underway to improve the technology of the on-screen speaker, that is, the transmission of sound using the display surface. A similar technology has already been used on the LG G8 ThinQ. In general, the future is no longer coming to us, but is flying, but for now ...

Burn clear

Galaxy S10 with 5G modem burned out from overheating. In Korea, one of the owners of a new smartphone announced the auto-ignition of the device. At the same time, the term of use did not even reach a week. The peculiarity of the smartphone is that it has a 5G modem for high-speed mobile networks. The smartphone was badly burned, the device case melted and cracked.

About the causes of spontaneous combustion is not yet knownbut the employees of the service center were quick to say that they found traces of external influence on the smartphone, that is, minor damage. To which the user replied that he threw the smartphone on the floor immediately, as he began to smoke. It’s too early to judge whether this behavior of the 5G model will become frequent, but the precedent is not very unpleasant for a company that had similar problems with extremely serious consequences.