Samsung will abandon the Galaxy S20e and will release the most expensive flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra

Only recently we learned that Samsung's new flagship line may not be called Galaxy S11, but Galaxy S20.

Now new unexpected details have emerged about members of the family.

Without Galaxy S20e

Firstly, the source confirms that the flagships will still receive the “names” Galaxy S20. Secondly, the company seems to have decided to abandon the younger Galaxy S20e model.

But first things first. Next year, three models were expected to be released: the “budget” Galaxy S20e with more modest specifications, the basic Galaxy S20 and the largest and most powerful Galaxy S20+.

Now a manufacturer of cases Schnailcasereceived word from a trusted supplier that Samsung is abandoning the Galaxy S20e but will release a new model, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This smartphone will not take the place of the budget representative of the family, but on the contrary, it will be even “older” than the Galaxy S20+.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a 6.9-inch display and will become the largest and most expensive smartphone in the line. Most likely, it will replace last year's premium Galaxy S10 5G.

The flagship Galaxy S20 should debut on February 11 or 18.

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