Samsung will fix one of the main disadvantages of a folding smartphone in the next Galaxy Fold

In February, along with the flagships of the Galaxy S11 family (or indeed the Galaxy S20), Samsung should present a new

version of the folding smartphone - Galaxy Fold 2. Well-known insider Ice Universe managed to find out new details about the “clamshell”.

Right Galaxy Fold

According to an insider, the Galaxy Fold 2 will not haveUse a plastic covering to protect the flexible display. Let us remember that during the first (unsuccessful) launch of the Galaxy Fold, users tried to peel it off, as a result of which the screens failed.

Instead, Samsung uses an ultra-thin glass coating. It’s not a fact that this will extend the “life” of the smartphone, but folds on the display with such a coating should be less noticeable.

Let us remind you that recently “live”photos of Samsung's new folding smartphone. Galaxy Fold 2 has a clamshell design with a dual main camera and an additional display that displays the time and notifications. Overall, it is very similar to the Motorola RAZR.

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