Samsung will leave a slot for memory cards only in the most expensive version of the flagship

Insider Roland Quandt confirmed rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones will not have a memory card slot.

True, as it turned out, not in all. The most expensive representative of the line will get the opportunity to expand the memory.

A reputable insider tweeted today,that the S21 and S21 + models will not get a microSD card slot. But the most expensive representative of the series - S21 Ultra - will have a slot. That is, Samsung wants to make such a familiar option a premium feature.

The insider clarified that he received this information from two different sources, but there was no official confirmation of it. However, Roland Quandt gave the information a 9 out of 10 trust points.

He also noted that the information concerns Europe. How things will fare with the Galaxy S21 in other regions is not yet clear.