Samsung will not yield to Huawei and plans to lead the smartphone market for at least another 10 years.

On Huawei's ambitious plans to become the smartphone market leader by the end of it, or, in extreme cases, in the next

year we already know - the company has stated this repeatedly. But Samsung, to the place of which Huawei is aiming, while silently listening to these statements and did not comment on them at all. Until then.

What they say

Head of Samsung Electronics Dong Jin Koch (D. J. Koh) in one of the interviews stressed that the company is not going to cede its primacy to anyone. Moreover, the manager is confident that Samsung will remain in first place in sales in the next 10 years.

To retain leadership positions, the companyintends to further improve its devices, offering consumers quality and innovation. An example is the foldable Galaxy Fold. Despite the fact that many noticed a crease at the fold of the display, JJ Koch assured: the quality of the screen is high, and the users' fears are based on the shortcomings of the prototype smartphone.

Of course, the head of the company is right, but then Huaweiin this regard, it does not feed the rear: the manufacturer continues to improve the capabilities and design of its devices, and the folding Huawei Mate X will be a worthy competitor to the Galaxy Fold.

But it’s still not easy to push SamsungAfter all, recently the company has changed its strategy, starting to produce smartphones with flagship functions at affordable prices. In any case, who wins - time and sales figures will tell.