Samsung will pay $ 40,000 for the original design of accessories and wallpapers for Galaxy

Samsung, in honor of its 10th anniversary, launched a competition with a prize in collaboration with the designer magazine Dezeen

fund of $ 40,000.

What need to do

The competition is held in two categories: Next Mobile + and Next Mobile Wallpaper. The first is the original design of accessories for Galaxy devices. For example, cases for smartphones and tablets, straps for smart watches, headphone cases, etc. Samsung emphasizes that it should be not only beautiful, but also useful accessories that extend the functionality of the gadget.

In the category Next Mobile Wallpaper will bepresented new wallpaper. Again, the company wants to see interactive and contextual wallpapers that will have original design and useful information for the user.

How to participate

The competition is open to experienced designers, entire teams and students.

Next Mobile + category members needsend accessory design files with a description of the concept and a render or video describing its use. For participants in the category Next Mobile Wallpaper is a project in the form of an image, a file and an APK, as well as visualization on various Galaxy devices with a description.

Applications are accepted until August 4 at the site. Until September 25, the jury will evaluate the work and determine the winners. The award ceremony will be held at the Developer Conference, which will be held October 29-30 in San Jose, California.


Winners of both categories will receive $ 10,000 each. A reward of $ 5,000 and $ 3,000 is provided for the second and third places, respectively. The rest of the finalists will receive $ 1,000 each.