Samsung will reduce the cost of smartphones with flexible screens for market leadership

Researchers from DSCC said that smartphones with flexible screens will rapidly capture the market in this

year. Samsung is even ready to cut prices for devices in order to maintain its leadership in this segment.

Analysts have predicted that sales of smartphones with flexible screens will grow by 128% to number in the millions in 2021. Namely, 5.1 million devices are expected to be sold.

Basically, the release of such new products is expected insecond half of 2021. Samsung has decided to launch its flexible smartphones in the third quarter. The company intends to release at least three foldable models this year, including the Z Fold 3. Analysts are confident that Samsung will also introduce a variant of the Z Flip at a reduced price. This pricing policy will allow the company to maintain its leadership.

Flexible smartphones from Google, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are also expected in 2021.