Samsung will release a flexible Galaxy Fold in September with a new design (photo)

Three months ago, Samsung sent out test samples of the flexible Galaxy Fold to journalists. It ended with the party being recalled

and postponing the release date, since the firstUsers found significant flaws in the assembly and case materials. After a long silence, the company has finally revealed when the smartphone will hit the shelves.

When to expect

According to Engadget, Samsung has releasedpress release announcing that the Galaxy Fold would launch in September, but only in “selected markets.” Unfortunately, the company did not say where exactly the smartphone will appear, but showed an updated design.

Now the edges of the protective layer are hidden under the framessmartphone so that users do not tear it off accidentally or intentionally. Samsung also added an additional metal layer under the bendable displays, and also reduced the distance between the hinge and the smartphone body.

The company also announced that it is working to optimize the apps, including design and “special features.”