Samsung will show on CES 2020 a virtual keyboard SelfieType

By tradition, CES 2020 will not be held without new Samsung products. And one of these projects is SelfieType.

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This is a new way to enter text, so to speak, a virtual keyboard. The technology works through the front camera of the gadget using artificial intelligence.

The scheme is simple: the gadget must be placed opposite, so that the front camera "sees" the user's hands. After that, start typing without touching the screen.

The system will record the position of the hands and fingers on any surface, “count” the presses and display the text they tried to print on the display.

SelfieType runs on smartphones, laptops and tablets. Moreover, even devices from other manufacturers are suitable - the main thing is that there is a front camera.

By the way, the startup was created as part of the Samsung C-Lab Inside program, which is engaged in the implementation of such unusual ideas.

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