Samsung's participation in MWC 2020 is in doubt because of coronavirus

This week several companies at once - LG, Ericsson and NVIDIA - refused to participate in the exhibition MWC 2020, which

will be held from February 24 to 27 in Barcelona, ​​due to an outbreak of coronavirus in China. Now, disturbing news comes about Samsung.

What happened

According to sources familiar with the planscompanies, many Samsung employees from South Korea and the USA refuse to go to Europe, fearing for their health. Therefore, one of the largest manufacturers will reduce its presence at MWC 2020.

So far, the company still plans to place its booth at MWC, but is considering various options. Most likely, the exact decision will be made closer to the opening of the exhibition.

However, the closed-door executive meetings that usually take place in Barcelona will most likely have to be canceled.

Samsung representatives have not yet commented on this information.

In any case, the premiere of the flagship Galaxy S20 is not in danger, since their presentation will take place earlier and in another place - February 11 in San Francisco.

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