Sandstorm covers the capital of Saudi Arabia: the media publish footage from Riyadh

Due to the thick gray haze, Riyadh's iconic buildings, such as the Kingdom Center, were almost impossible to see from

distances of more than a few hundred meters. However, the authorities did not announce any delays or cancellations of flights.

According to the Saudi officialpress, the kingdom's meteorological center predicts "surface dusty winds" in the east of the country and in Riyadh, "impairing horizontal visibility."

According to the forecast, the dust will spread further to the west, to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Now on the highways of Riyadh warndrivers about the need to slow down due to poor visibility. Meanwhile, in the center of the capital, cars and buildings were covered with sand, and residents struggled to keep it from entering their homes.

Parts of Saudi Arabia typically experience sandstorms of varying intensity between March and May. The frequency of storms has increased in the region in recent months.

Neighboring Iraq has already experienced eight sandstorms sincemid April. This is due to soil degradation, severe droughts and low rainfall. All of this is linked to climate change. In Iran, government offices, schools and universities were closed in many provinces on Tuesday due to weather and sandstorms, state media reported.

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