Save up to $400: Apple started selling refurbished Mac Studio

Apple, four months after the announcement of Mac Studio, began selling a refurbished version of the computer.

What is known

Refurbished Mac Studio is sold in the US, Canada, and some European countries. For example, in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.

Different versions available in different countriesdevices. For example, in the USA there are two models. The first with the M1 Max chip (10 CPU cores and 24 GPU cores) for $1799 (instead of $1999) and the second based on the SoC M1 Ultra (20 CPU cores and 48 GPU cores) for $3599 (instead of $3999).

If you, suddenly, did not know

Remanufactured devices are devices thatfor some reason returned to the store. They are sent to the factory, where they undergo rigorous testing. Refurbished gadgets get a new battery, case, accessories and the same one-year warranty as new products.

Source: MacRumors

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