SberAutoTech unveils fully autonomous electric vehicle prototype

The Sber ecosystem company - SberAutoTech - presented a prototype of a fully autonomous electric

transport of our own design.The novelty was named FLIP and implements the concept of a new mobility: a completely unmanned vehicle (maximum, fifth level of autonomy according to the international classification) provides fast, safe and comfortable movement of passengers using the latest technologies from the world of IT and vehicles.

Company message

It is stated that this self-driving taxi is built onan electric platform of our own design, and the battery modules are made quick-change: changing a dead battery to a fully charged one can be done in five minutes. Autonomous driving technologies use a complex of lidars, radars and cameras to assess the surrounding situation.

The device also has a battery power system that allows you to replace all modules in no more than five minutes, which is comparable to refueling with traditional fuel in a standard car.

Use gas or hydrogen as fuel, the developers say.

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