Sberbank introduced a virtual news host

Elena was developed by employees of the robotics laboratory of Sberbank, the Russian company TsRT and the developer

CGF Innovation. The bank will use the robot to create its news videos, organizational videos, as well as advertising and promotional stories.

It is not yet known when Sberbank will start using Elena to promote its products and its brand.

The development budget of Helen is also not disclosed.

"Elena's uniqueness is that she allowsto fully automate the work of a TV presenter: the text created by a journalist can be digitized and get the final product - a news story - for broadcast to viewers. ”

First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Lev Khasis

Recently it became known that the introductionartificial intelligence in the operational work of Sberbank allowed the company to reduce to 70% of middle managers, namely by 14 thousand people. Now the total number of employees in the bank has decreased to 296 thousand employees. It is planned that by 2025 their number will decrease to 150 thousand people.