Sberbank will lend to legal entities based on artificial intelligence solutions

Previously, the process of approving the issuance of loans for similar amounts for legal entities could last from three

weeks So far, the liquidity of the loan portfolio issued by artificial intelligence is at a positive level.

At the same time, more than 2 thousand models based on artificial intelligence are currently working at Sberbank.

We launched a process based exclusively onartificial intelligence, which takes from a client's request to the issuance of money, including a legal analysis of the correctness of decision-making, 7 minutes. Exactly 7 minutes to money, up to 2 billion rubles, this is decent money.

First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank, Alexander Vedyakhin

Sberbank has long been engaged in the development of devices based on neural networks and artificial intelligence. Recently, the bank introduced a virtual TV presenter Elena, who can lead news stories.

Recently it became known that the introductionartificial intelligence in the operational work of Sberbank allowed the company to reduce to 70% of middle managers, namely by 14 thousand people. Now the total number of employees in the bank has decreased to 296 thousand employees. It is planned that by 2025 their number will decrease to 150 thousand people.