Scientific breakthrough: Columbia Engineering unveils a medical microchip that fits inside a needle

Scientists at Columbia Engineering have developed a prototype of the world's smallest single-chip system.

What is known

The microchip has a volume of less than 0.1 cubic meters. mm. That is, its dimensions are comparable to a dust mite.

According to scientists, such a microchip is intended formedical needs. Due to its size, it can be easily implanted into the human body using a medical needle. The chip is able to monitor body temperature, as well as respiration, blood pressure and glucose levels.

“We wanted to see how far we couldpush the boundaries of how small a functioning chip can be, ”said study leader Ken Shepard, professor of electrical engineering at the Lau Family and professor of biomedical engineering.

The device has already been tested in mice. The engineers used ultrasound to power and transmit information.

Source: Columbia Engineering

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