Scientist told why the moon does not fall to Earth

Astrophysicist Viggo Hanstein explained why the moon doesn't fall to Earth. So, according to him, the fall is not

occurs due to the speed of rotation of the Earth.

About this, referring to the results of the studyscientist, according to the publication Planet Today. So, as part of the experiment, the astrophysicist found out that in fact the Moon constantly falls to the Earth, but the collision does not occur due to the speed of rotation of the latter.

”The speed of rotation of the Earth keeps it fromfalling on the sun. In addition, the planet constantly attracts the moon to itself. If the Earth stopped rotating, the Moon would fall on it, ”astrophysicist Viggo Hanstein shared.

He also believes that the stable orbit of a natural satellite of the Earth is influenced by the earth's gravity and the speed of the earth's rotation.