Scientists began using birds as drones

PNAS magazine has published a new article in which it is a new study by Henry Weimerskirch and

French National Center staffscientific research. As part of the study, scientists used albatrosses as reconnaissance drones, which made it possible to identify and also to catch poachers at sea.

It is noted that scientists have not just chosennamely albatrosses. So, this genus is able to make out a ship at a distance of several tens of kilometers. In addition, the albatrosses are also characterized by curiosity, due to which they necessarily fly closer to the ships. So, the birds were equipped with miniature devices, including a GPS sensor for identifying geolocation, a communication system with the main ship and a ship radio receiver, thanks to which even from a short distance it is possible to register the radar signal of the poachers ship, which turned them into a kind of “drones”.

The study involved order169 equipped albatrosses, with the help of which scientists checked the situation in remote regions of the ocean. So, from November 2018 to May last year, birds were monitored for 47 million km² of ocean surface, which is about 353 “radar contacts”.