Scientists: Eating uncooked fish increases the risk of cancer

Researchers from Brown University in the US found that people who eat 42.8 grams of fish per day are more susceptible to

high risk of developing malignant melanoma. Discuss

We are talking about a 22% increase compared to those whoconsumes only 3.2 g of fish. It is worth noting that the sample of specialists was quite extensive - 491,367 American adults aged about 62 years old took part in the scientific work. The observation took 15 years.

It is reported that 1% among those observed developed malignant melanoma, and 0.7% developed a precancerous condition or stage 0 melanoma.

Of particular interest is the fact that scientistsfailed to find a significant association between eating fried fish and skin cancer. However, a daily intake of 17.8 g of uncooked fish was associated with a higher risk of malignant melanoma.