Scientists find soil completely free of microbes in Antarctica

The simplest organisms are considered the most hardy on Earth. As you know, they are able to live as on the peaks.

the highest mountains and at the bottom of the ocean.However, scientists still managed to find a place on Earth where life is absent - in a dry desert near the Shackleton Glacier in Antarctica. The researchers named three factors that contributed to this.

According to scientists, severe cold, dryness andsalty air completely limits the chances of life emerging under these conditions. During the research, experts examined 200 soil samples, in which they did not find traces of the presence of protozoa. At the same time, microbiologists emphasized that there was no question that they had found sterile soil.

Discovery of microbial soil in Antarcticaforces scientists to reconsider the prospects for the search for extraterrestrial life. In particular, now scientists are not sure that life can be found in the cold oceans of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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