Scientists first discovered a cosmic hurricane

Scientists from the UK say they have discovered the first cosmic hurricane in the upper layers

atmosphere of the Earth. They confirmed previous theories that this type of interaction between planets and space is possible.

Researchers found a hurricane in the picturesmade by satellites back in August 2016. But they only noticed the phenomenon in the course of a retrospective analysis conducted by scientists from the University of Reading as part of a group led by Shandong University in China.

This analysis made it possible to create a three-dimensionalAn image of a 1000 km wide vortex mass, located several hundred kilometers above the North Pole, with rain electrons instead of water and much like hurricanes that can be seen in the lower atmosphere of the Earth.

Hurricanes have also been observed in the lower atmosphereMars, Jupiter and Saturn, while huge solar tornadoes could be seen in the Sun's atmosphere. However, the existence of cosmic hurricanes in the upper atmosphere of planets has not yet been confirmed.

The space hurricane analyzed by the team of the Earth's ionosphere rotated counterclockwise, had several spiral arms and lasted for almost eight hours.

To obtain the image, a group of scientists from China,The USA, Norway and the UK used observations from four DMSP satellites and 3D magnetospheric simulations. Research results in the journal Nature Communications.

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