Scientists get even closer to treating insulin-dependent diabetes

A study by Monash University Melbourne has paved the way for insulin regeneration in

pancreatic stem cells, which was a major breakthrough towards new treatments for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Discuss

Using pancreatic stem cellsdonor with type 1 diabetes, the researchers were able to effectively reactivate them to express insulin and functionally resemble beta-like cells with a drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration but not currently approved for the treatment of diabetes.

While this requires further work, in principle, the new approach would replace insulin-producing cells (beta cells) that are destroyed in type 1 diabetics with working cells.

Research led bydiabetes experts Prof. Sam El-Ost, Dr. Keith Al-Hasani, and Dr. Ishant Khurana of the Monash Diabetes Unit, could lead to a potential treatment option for insulin-dependent diabetes.

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