Scientists have calculated the size of the interstellar spacecraft for colonists with a lifespan of 6,300 years (not light)

If the flight to the closest to Earth space bodies and return will be taken away from future colonists for several years

life, the objects in other star systems are hundreds and thousands of years. For such missions require ships, which will be able to live several generations of researchers.

The researchers calculated the size of the ship,based on the fact that it will move at a speed of 200 km / s for 6.3 thousand years. According to their concept, such a ship would require a crew of at least 500 people. To provide them with food, it requires at least 0.45 square meters. km of artificial land.

The radius of the ship for this must be at least 224 m, and the length - 320 m.

Earlier, scientists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said that the Oumuamua cigar-shaped asteroid discovered in the Solar System in October 2017 could be of artificial origin.