Scientists have created a device that can both cool a smartphone and charge its battery

As you know, the long use of smartphones and other electronic devices causes them to overheat. But if

believe the article in ACS Nano Letters, scientists have created a device that can both cool the smartphone and charge its battery - however, it cannot do it at the same time.

So, scientists who wanted to develop a specialan intelligent hydrogel capable of converting waste heat into electricity while also lowering the temperature, managed to create a device that can only do one of these actions at a time, but not both at the same time.

A team of specialists managed to manufacturea hydrogel based on a polyacrylamide framework, which is filled with water and specific ions. As a result, when scientists heated this hydrogel, two ions were involved in the movement of electrons between the electrodes, thereby generating electricity. At the same time, the water inside the hydrogel evaporated, cooling it in parallel.