Scientists have created new soft electronics that will prevent technology from breaking

Modern consumer devices, such as phones and laptops, contain harsh materials, such as

which use soldered wires. New soft circuits replace these inflexible materials with soft electronic composites and tiny electrically conductive droplets of liquid metal.

This approach allows the use of electronicsre: all connections in the chains can be dissolved and start over. The circuits are soft and flexible like leather. They are able to continue working even with severe damage.

In the production of such flexible composites, dropsliquid metal is applied to an elastic polymer, due to which it becomes possible to quickly customize circuits by selectively connecting droplets. In addition, this technology allows you to locally break droplets into smaller ones, creating new contours and connections.

Such soft electronics are part of the fastan emerging field of technology that gives gadgets a level of durability that was not possible just a few years ago. Although an elastic smartphone has not yet been created, rapid development in this area also promises wearable electronics and soft robotics. 

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