Scientists have created the world's first complete map of the connections of the human immune system

Using advanced screening techniques to fine-tune communication between individual cells, scientists have created

the first complete map of the immune systemperson. The new wiring diagram will help researchers better understand how diseases like cancer progress and develop next-generation therapies. They will strengthen the body's defenses.

The project was realized thanks to new datasignaling between immune cells. Some of them patrol the body looking for signs of injury or illness and then send messages to others to join the fight. In this they are helped by proteins on the surface of immune cells, which bind to receptor proteins on the surface of the rest.

Some of these receptor connections have already beenknown to science. But researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and ETH Zurich have been hard at work creating a more complete pattern of their distribution throughout the body. This was achieved thanks to high-throughput screening of surface receptors. In this way, scientists were able to systematically map the interactions of immune cell proteins on an unprecedented scale.

The connection diagram details how immunecells interact throughout the body, and includes previously unknown contacts. This provides scientists with valuable new information about how the body organizes immune defenses and will help develop treatments, such as improved cancer immunotherapy.

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