Scientists have denied the benefits of airing

Journalists of Science Advances published the results of a new study, during which scientists

The University of Toronto has denied the benefits of airing. So, they said that the ventilation of the premises is not able to effectively clean the air.

As part of the study, scientists conducted severalexperiments involving volunteers. So, the participants only needed to carry out daily activities on the premises. Next, the researchers analyzed the air in the test room, trying to detect the presence of 19 of the most common chemicals in apartments. Following the measurement phase, there was a ventilation phase, after which scientists again carried out measurements.

Despite the fact that after airing the roomthe concentration of chemicals decreased; after eight to 55 minutes, the level of contamination reached its original level. Scientists said that this may be due to the fact that dust during ventilation just settles on objects, and then again appears in the air.