Scientists have discovered a previously unknown brain signal

A group of international scientists managed to identify a completely unique type of signal in the human brain,

which was first discovered. So, experts found in the external cells of the cerebral cortex a mechanism designed to form “graded” signals that provoke neurons to realize logical functions.

Celebrated] (https: // / a-newly-discovered-signal-in-neurons-hints-at-the-power-of-the-human-brain), which during this work recorded the passage of sodium ions through the synapse. According to scientists who, thanks to fluorescence microscopy, studied the structure of these sections, upon activation, individual cortical neurons are able to exchange calcium ions.

It is established that previously unknown signalsare formed as a result of the interaction of charged particles of such chemical elements as sodium, chloride and calcium. It is known that dendrites play a key role in this process. According to the researchers, this function resembles the work of traffic lights, which either transmit or limit signals.