Scientists have discovered new symptoms and transmission of a dangerous virus

Li Sinwan, a member of the expert group of the PRC State Committee on Health, told the public about

new symptoms as well as ways to transmit newcoronavirus. So, according to him, despite the fact that basically the transmission of the virus occurs by airborne droplets, they can be infected by touching their eyes with dirty hands.

”Everyone needs to wear masks, cut contacts onclose range. The virus can also be transmitted through touch if you rub your eyes with your hands that hit the virus. At the earliest stage, the disease manifests itself with symptoms such as fever, weakness, and dry cough. Severely ill patients may experience difficulty breathing, even respiratory failure, the condition may worsen if there are other diseases, ”the infectious disease specialist shared.

Li Sinwan noted that recentlycases of mild 2019-nCoV have spread, which is manifested in those infected only by fever, as well as a dry cough. It is reported that in the presence of a mild form of the patient’s virus, it can be cured in just a week, while a severe form implies therapy for a week or more.