Scientists have discovered the ability of solar panels to store the energy of the sun at night

Despite the fact that modern man is quite knowledgeable about new technologies, it turned out that we know

Not everyone. So, thanks to a new study by scientists, it became known that solar panels are capable of storing the energy of the sun even at night.

The collection of solar energy at night is due to the presence ofin panels of thermo-radiation elements that operate on the basis of radiation cooling. So, a chilled night sky acts as an element that provokes the generation of energy. It is reported that to date, scientists are conducting tests at the University of California, in which they operate various materials in the development of solar panels. So, they plan to achieve a positive result from the use of infrared radiation.

Scientists shared that they had already planned to study the most optimal combination of materials and electronics for the production of solar panels with more powerful returns at night.