Scientists have discovered two types of sources of fast radio bursts, including "from aliens"

The Canadian radio wave observatory CHIME has recorded over five hundred fast

radio bursts (FRB), mysterious short radio signals of enormous power.

Fast radio bursts, from the English. Fast Radio Bursts - single radio pulses recorded by radio telescopes with a duration of several milliseconds

Before CHIME was built, we knew about the existenceabout one hundred FRB bursts. In just a year of observations, we have discovered several hundred sources of single and repeated radio signals, whose study will allow us to clarify the nature and physical mechanisms of the formation of these flares.

Kaitlyn Sheen, MIT Research Fellow

During the work, the authors compiled a catalog of fast radbursts: it significantly expands the current library of known FRBs and contains information about their properties.

As a result, all recorded burstsdivided into two groups: single and repetitive. Among the recently discovered FRBs, scientists identified 18 sources that exploded repeatedly, the rest were isolated.

Astronomers found that repetitive signals last slightly longer, and their radiation was concentrated in a narrower part of the spectrum.

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