Scientists have discovered wasps that turn spiders into zombies. And make them follow orders!

Researchers have observed the Polysphincta wasp - it is known that insects lay larvae on the backs of spiders and

make the latter take care of their cubs.

After hatching the larvae zombie spidersbegin to weave a protective web that forms a cocoon around the larva and allows it to grow faster. After the larva turns into a wasp, it eats the spider and begins searching for a new prey.

The subject of the study was the way waspscauses spiders to perform the actions they need. Observations showed that when the bite insects injected ecdysone spiders - a substance, the development of which gives the spider a signal about the beginning of molting.

As a result, the arthropod begins to weave a protective web, which it usually produces during the shedding process, but not around itself, but around the wasp larva.

Previously, American biologists have found thatthe parasitic fungus Entomophthora muscae, which in Latin means “insect killer”, penetrates into the brain of fruit flies and completely subordinates them to his will.