Scientists have figured out how to deal with hurricanes: they will fill the oceans with bubbles

Of the many serious problems associated with climate change, sea temperature rise is one of the most

dangerous.The warmer the ocean, the higher the sea level, and the more dangerous the weather. Hurricanes occur when hot and cold air meets warm ocean waters with temperatures of 26.5 ° C or higher. The warmer the water, the more powerful a hurricane can become. Water whose temperature is below this mark is not warm enough and does not provide enough evaporation to "feed the hurricane." Cooling the water will either prevent a hurricane from occurring or reduce its severity.

Norwegian company OceanTherm, founded by the formernaval officer Olav Hollingscheter, is developing a system that uses bubbles to cool the sea surface by drawing cold water from the depths of the oceans.

The idea is to omitperforated pipes deep into the ocean through which compressed air will be blown out. It will create bubbles that will bring cooler water to the surface and lower its temperature to below 26.5 ° C. The pipes will be deployed from a fleet of ships patrolling areas where hurricanes are likely to form and create a "bubble curtain" in the path of the hurricane.

So far, this idea has not found a response in the scientific community due to its high cost and, according to scientists, the impossibility of combating global warming with such methods.

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