Scientists have figured out how to listen to the waves of the Big Bang

The researchers explained that there are already several projects trying to listen to the sounds of the Bolshoi

explosion with the help of gravitational waves - pulsations in the fabric of space-time. In the new initiative, scientists will focus on detecting waves at microwave frequencies.

Recent search for gravitational waves by detectorsLigo / Virgo has opened up new possibilities for observing the Universe. They allow one to study phenomena in which the source of information is not light, but gravity. The gravitational waves discovered so far are called astrophysical gravitational waves - they arise from relatively recent physical processes such as the merging of black holes.

Waves that may occur in the earlyThe universe are called cosmological gravitational waves and have not yet been discovered. Such waves propagate freely after formation and represent a unique tool for exploring the early universe. While astrophysical gravitational waves come from a specific direction in the sky, cosmological waves reach us from all possible directions, corresponding to different regions where they were generated in the past. Therefore, they are so difficult to find.

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In the new experiment, scientists will seeka change in the distance between two mirrors caused by a passing gravitational wave equivalent to the nucleus of an atom. Since the detectors for high frequency gravitational waves are smaller, the recorded change will be even smaller.

With the technology available, scientists candetect the smallest vibrations in the high frequency range. However, this device is being improved so that they can also catch gravitational waves from the early universe.

“We're trying to start a challenging journey like thisit was in the 1970s when humans started looking for astrophysical gravitational waves. It took almost 50 years and more than 20 attempts, but in the end, hard work and patience pays off, ”the researchers noted.

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