Scientists have figured out what not to do after VR sessions and when they can be dangerous

Virtual exercise games have become a popular exercise method, especially among young people. Growth

Virtual reality (VR) fitness games on consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation have sparked interest.

Researchers at the University of South Australia are warning players of the potential side effects of VR, especially in the first hour after playing.

A new study looked at the impact of playing one of the most popular VR games, Beat Saber. It was found that one in seven players reported feeling sick 40 minutes after the end of the game.

The study tested the impact of VR gameson eyesight, nausea and reaction time of gamers after short (10 minutes) and long (50 minutes) play, and it was found that while the Beat Saber was generally well tolerated, some people had more side effects.

Lead Investigator, Dr. Ankret Shpaksays that while virtual reality offers promising benefits to exergaming, virtual reality technology is only in its infancy and we still have a lot to learn.

The scientist advises to always test VR withina short session before embarking on a full workout. If you feel a little dizzy, stop exercising. And after long sessions, it is forbidden to drive. Moreover, it is better to rest and recover. A broader description of the side effects of virtual reality is indicated in the research article.

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