Scientists have found an area in the brain that helps control drunkenness

Scientists have found in the brain an area whose control helps fight alcoholism. Mouse experiments

have shown that deactivation of a specific part of the brain reduces the desire to drink alcohol.

It turned out that if you deactivate a certainsystem in the area of ​​the brain associated with motivation and emotional behavior, you can reduce excessive drinking. This conclusion was reached by researchers from the United States.

Scientists said people who abuse booze, especially during their teens and students, are ten times more likely to earn alcoholism.

The researchers explained that the meeting is turningin booze when four or five standard drinks, such as cans of beer, are drunk within two hours. Scientists set out to find a way to control this behavior. Therefore, they investigated the opioid systems of the brain. Researchers have found that “shutting down” one of the opioid receptors in the brain reduces the urge to drink. At the same time, it is curious that the work of this receptor usually causes stress and discontent.