Scientists have found red rocks in the asteroid belt that should not be there

We are talking about two asteroids, named 203 Pompey and 269 Justice, which were discovered by JAXA specialists - Japanese

aerospace research agency. The width of Pompeii is about 110 kilometers, and the diameter of Justicia is only 55 kilometers.

Two objects discovered in an asteroid clusterbetween Mars and Jupiter are very different from their neighbors. Both Pompeia and Justicia reflect more red light than other surrounding objects due to the increased presence of complex organic material such as carbon or methane on their surfaces.

Typically, objects in the inner solarthe system reflects more blue light, because they do not contain complex organic compounds. Objects in the outer solar system - beyond Neptune - are redder because they contain more carbon and methane, which are red in the visible and near infrared regions of the spectrum. The fact that both bodies are redder than any other D-type body (which until now were considered the reddest objects in the asteroid belt) suggests that they originated from the outer solar system.

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