Scientists have found that happiness is not in money

On the popular Internet resource, the results of a study according to which entrepreneurs

healthier and happier than those who are employees. But what is more surprising, the same study shows that this is not connected primarily with the level of earnings of entrepreneurs.

A similar conclusion was made on the basis of twostudies that examined data from a “nationally representative sample” of entrepreneurs and employees, as well as studies from the Wharton School of Business. As a result, scientists were able to find out that people who have their own business are indeed happier than those who work "for uncle." Moreover, most surprisingly, this is not due to the fact that most often businessmen earn more salaried employees, namely, that entrepreneurs get pleasure from doing their own thing.

One of the co-authors of a recent study of EthanMollyka believes that business is all about businessmen having control and autonomy. ”Entrepreneurs work very hard. But they are the masters of their time, even if they work overtime, ”he said.