Scientists have found that Tesla autopilot can prevent up to 90% of all accidents

German scientists conducted an independent study aimed at finding out the effectiveness of work

autopilot Tesla. As a result, it turned out that he is able to prevent up to 90% of all accidents.

In this regard, the researchers believe thatit is necessary to speed up the process of equipping Tesla sensors in cars of other manufacturers. The difficulty of this process is due to the fact that the functionality of the Tesla autopilot in Europe has its limitations due to the peculiarities of the legislation.

Director of the Center for Automotive Research atDuisburg Ferdinand Dudenhoffer noted that the regulation of conventional cars is not the fastest, while the number of accidents per kilometer has only increased over the past three years. To solve the problem globally, in his opinion, it is possible by integrating the autopilot systems.

The researchers calculated that if all cars in Germany had the autopilots of the American company, this would reduce the number of accidents per year from 282 thousand to just 29 thousand.