Scientists have found the remains of another planet inside the Earth

The network has information about a fresh study by scientists from Arizona. According to him, large parts of the substance in

Earth's mantles can be parts of Theia. This is the same protoplanet, the collision with which gave us the Moon.

The reason for this assumptionthere was a difference in the density of the earth's mantle, according to the work of scientists. At the same time, to support their ideas, experts have developed a full-fledged model that depicts the Earth as it was about 4.5 billion years ago.

Then scientists showed what could happen withcollision of our planet with a planet the size of Mars or even larger. At the same time, the model created by experts also assumes the richness of Theia's Manti with iron - this made the planet extremely dense.

The Arizona team notes that their work in this area is not the first. But, according to scientists, it is their study that is the most complete to date.