Scientists have found vertical rain from plasma on the surface of the sun

On Earth, when it gets hot, water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere. There are water molecules there

condense in clouds, which subsequently release them back with precipitation.

A similar cycle also occurs on the sun.found out astrophysics. Overheated magma during the strongest solar flares is ejected far from the surface of the star, cools there, condenses and is shed back by the “coronal rain”.

The plasma does not fall at a right angle, butrather, curved lines, in some places like a roller coaster. This is due to the influence of the strongest magnetic field - while falling, the plasma is again heated to millions of degrees, which leads to the heated solar corona, however, making the second such circle, the plasma gradually cools.

Some similar plasma loops reachhuge sizes - up to 50 thousand km above the surface of the Sun. Now astrophysicists intend to compile a computer model of the solar coronal system to confirm their theory.