Scientists have identified several types of aging

Researchers from the United States discovered hundreds of substances in human blood, the concentration of which can vary with

by age. It turned out that these markers can be divided into four groups. Moreover, people can be divided into four groups, depending on which particular markers have changed with age.

Scientists decided to find out whether it is possible to track the totalfor all people, the trend of aging is in the composition of blood. Researchers at Stanford University studied a group of subjects, some of whom were healthy, and some were with prediabetes. For four years, these people have been tested for blood. Scientists, on the other hand, looked for biomarkers related to age-related changes in humans.

The researchers first found 184 of thesebiological marker. But it turned out that the concentration of certain substances varies in people is not the same. Some patterns were found when comparing healthy people with patients with prediabetes, but they did not describe the full picture.

As a result, scientists decided that the aging trajectory ofpeople is determined largely by internal factors. Then they collected 608 markers and divided them into four groups depending on the physiological processes with which they are associated: immunity, metabolism, impaired kidney and liver.

Each subject was visible with agechanges in at least one of these marker groups. Why divide people by type of aging? So that in the future it is better to predict a deterioration in their health or to select treatment for old age.