Scientists have installed the world's highest meteorological station on Everest

The stations were established during the expedition on foot to the highest mountain on the planet - they are located at an altitude of 7,945

m and 8 430 m. The data collected at the stations will help scientists better understand how the rising global temperatures affect the glaciers, which are rapidly flowing.

30 scientists from around the world took part in the, including 17 explorers from Nepal, where the mountain is located. Meteorologists also took a sample of ice at a record height of 8,020 meters - the core will help researchers establish how conditions have changed at this height compared to the pre-industrial era.

This is one of the fastest-growing continental regions in the world, but we do not know what is actually happening at an altitude of more than 5 thousand meters.

Paul Mayesky, Expedition Scientific Advisor

Earlier it was reported that the melting of snow on Everest, the highest peak of the Earth, which occurs due to the increase in global temperature, opened the bodies of long-lost climbers.