Scientists have learned to predict virus mutations using a mathematical model

The network has information that American scientists have developed a completely new mathematical

model. With its help, they intend to predict mutations of viruses and take the necessary measures to contain them.

So, by developing a new mathematical modelinvolved researchers from Princeton University and Carnegie Mellon University. Thanks to her, specialists will be able to more successfully track various epidemics, given the mutations of viruses. At the moment, scientists are engaged in giving medical workers the opportunity to see the consequences of countermeasures that they want to use in the fight against danger.

”Our model allows you to predict all types ofmeasures - quarantine, isolation of people, closure of schools and government agencies. The model can show how they will affect the spread of the epidemic, even when the pathogen mutates as it spreads, ”said Vincent Pur, Dean of the Princeton Faculty of Engineering.