Scientists have named a previously unknown factor in volcanic eruptions

To understand how the ancient eruption of Sunset Volcano happened, scientists had to reconstruct it.

past.The goal is to try to understand how the volcano will behave in the future. “We did fieldwork, combined previous data on the volcano and used modern research methods,” explains Clark.

Scientists have mapped every crack, depositeruptions and ancient lava flow in Sunset Crater to reconstruct the full explosion pattern and geochemical composition of all ejected materials from the eruption. Researchers came to the water that the volcano was spewing liquid magma that behaved like viscous.

In addition, researchers have demonstrated the importance of carbon dioxide in volcanic eruptions in general.

In Sunset Volcano, he could make magma movetowards the surface, that is, directly lead to an eruption. Scientists theorized that carbon dioxide probably originates from deep within the mantle at the source of the magma.

In the case of the Sunset Volcano, CO₂ played a decisive role in triggering the eruption. The fact is that the gas is stored in the crater magma at a depth of 15 km from the surface.

Although the influence of basaltic volcanism onthe global atmospheric system is largely unknown; this high carbon dioxide and sulfur content from the eruption could also have a large impact on the atmosphere during the eruption.

The new data will help scientists better understand and prevent volcanic eruptions and their consequences.

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