Scientists have presented a microscope that allows you to see the smallest cellular structures

An international team of scientists from Australia and Germany has unveiled a new quantum microscope. With his help

you can study cellular structures that were previouslywere not noticeable. It will now be easier for researchers to tackle new biotechnologies and turn their observations into developments in medical imaging. More details about the new microscope can be found in the journal Nature.

The researchers explained that performancelight microscopes are limited to elementary particles of light - photons. The randomness in the timing of photon detection introduces noise that severely limits the sensitivity, resolution, and speed of devices. Although the long-known solution to this problem is to increase the intensity of light, this is not always possible when studying living systems, since bright lasers can disrupt biological processes.

Now scientists have improved biological imagingusing photon correlations. They showed that the noise can be reduced by 35% without affecting the subject of observation. This also increases the research speed.

New technology turns a light microscope into an ultra-high resolution device

“The microscope is based on the science of quantumentanglement - an effect that Einstein described as "eerie interactions at a distance," said research leader Warwick Bowen of the Quantum Optics Laboratory. "Our sensor based on this technology significantly improves analogs."

Scientists noted that the new development will lead toimprovements in several technologies at once - for example, navigation systems or MRI machines. They also consider it an “important step forward” that this principle can replace non-quantum observing technologies.

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