Scientists have proven that popular music has dramatically degraded in recent years

A detailed material appeared on the network, which tells about a phenomenon in the air: based on

works of scientists for different periods of time, it has been proven that popular music has sharply degraded in recent years.

So, the enthusiasts of the found a study by scientists at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Barcelona that proves that popular music has deteriorated dramatically in recent years. In order to come to such conclusions, experts studied various aspects of track creation, such as writing music, lyrics, etc.

As it turned out, from 1955 to 2010, the harmonicthe complexity (using as many different notes and instruments as possible) of musical compositions has greatly degraded. The quality of the texts also deteriorated. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that in the era of the availability of streaming services, musicians are forced to give listeners the simplest possible music that will appeal to the maximum number of people.