Scientists have shown how in the future people will be able to move the Sun in space

The more developed modern science becomes, the more different options scientists offer for

colonization of various planets, includingoutside the solar system. There is only one noticeable problem that prevents people from starting their migration to other planets right now. And the point is not in slow spaceships, but in the lack of habitable planets and conditions outside our planetary system.

It is to solve this problem that the Americanphysicist Matthew Kaplan of the University of Illinois developed the idea of ​​a “star engine” with which mankind could successfully find a new place to live. Moreover, as conceived by the author, we can thus move the entire planetary system to a safe place.

It is likely that this is exactly the wayscientists of the future will choose for the further occupation of space by humanity. In any case, the fact that the best minds of our species do not stop working out various scenarios for the survival of our species cannot but rejoice, not focusing only on what has already been developed earlier.