Scientists have shown how to change the properties of an electron

In classical physics, an electron is an elementary particle with a negative charge. He's in it

appears as a small ball, whereas according to quantum physics an electron is a de Broglie wave. It has a shape, but no boundaries, so you can't tell exactly where it ends.

It used to be that the internal characteristics of an electron depend on its shape and spin. However, it turned out that its properties are set, including the quantum state of the electron.

TSU staff found out: By changing the electron's waveform, its internal characteristics can be controlled. Now scientists can create beams of particles that will be useful in determining the electromagnetic properties of different materials. The work was carried out as part of a project supported by the Russian Science Foundation (RNF), as part of the presidential program of research projects.

Senior TSU researcher Dmitry Karlovets

By changing the shape, you can create beams.electrons with predetermined characteristics, and also use them in experiments in particle physics, atomic and nuclear physics, cosmology, and other sciences. Also, electron beams can be used to determine the electromagnetic properties of various materials, including metamaterials with complex properties.

In this case, the message of physicists does not say how they change the forms of electrons, as well as their basic properties.