Scientists have shown what an electron looks like.

“If you ever opened a textbook on physics, you probably saw a picture of an atom with protons and

neutrons that make up its core aroundwhose swarm of electrons is spinning. However, this picture is not true and these particles are not like neat little balls, as is usually portrayed, ”the Swiss researchers say.

Electrons themselves do not have a “form” - thispoint particles or they behave like a wave that changes shape depending on the energy. Scientists were able to portray it with the help of quantum dots - tiny semiconductor crystals on a nanometer scale.

Physicists have painted the "Mona Lisa" on a quantum canvas the size of a human hair

Electron is held in a quantum dotelectric fields, but constantly moving in space and with different probabilities corresponding to the wave function, remains in certain places within a given space.

Scientists used spectroscopic measurements,to determine the energy levels in a quantum dot and study the behavior of these levels in magnetic fields of various strengths and orientations. Based on the data obtained, they determined the probability density of the electron and, consequently, its wave function with very high accuracy. “Simply put, we were able to use this method for the first time to show what an electron looks like,” noted physicist Daniel Loss of the University of Basel.